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Classicalia - Global Classical Music Competition

Classicalia is celebrated for its dedication to classical music and its mission to unearth and showcase extraordinary musical talents from around the world.

Founded by a passionate team of international musicians and arts advocates, Classicalia set itself apart by offering exceptional young musicians the chance to perform in with symphony orchestra.


This opportunity was not merely a performance; it was a doorway to global exposure, promotion, and a significant step forward in the careers of these emerging artists.

Despite its current hiatus, Classicalia's impact on the classical music landscape remains profound.


The competition was built on the belief that classical music has a unique power to unite people across the globe, fostering joy, creativity, and optimism even in challenging times.


Participants benefited from the expertise of a world-class jury, receiving valuable feedback to advance their musical education.


Classicalia's ambition extended beyond the competition itself; it sought to broadcast classical music to over 30 countries, thereby broadening the audience for this art form and encouraging innovation within the genre.

Classicalia's Enduring Legacy: Inspiring Future Generations​

While Classicalia is not currently running, its legacy continues through the artists it has supported and the global audience it has reached. The competition's finale in Vienna, a city with a rich musical heritage, underscored Classicalia's commitment to celebrating the enduring beauty and relevance of classical music.


By providing a platform for young musicians to gain international recognition, Classicalia has contributed to a vibrant future for classical music, ensuring its appreciation for generations to come.

Click here to see Classicalia on PBS.

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